PracticeHub Security

The security of your data is core to our culture, processes and everything we build.

High security facilities

PracticeHub accounts are hosted on Amazon Web Services datacentres located in London, Ireland, Paris, Ohio & Sydney that are manned 24/7 with many security controls including but not limited to :

  • 24/7 Physical security guard services
  • Physical entry restrictions to the property and the facility
  • Physical entry restrictions to our co-located datacentre within the facility
  • Full CCTV coverage externally and internally for the facility
  • Biometric readers with two-factor authentication
  • Facilities are unmarked as to not draw attention from the outside
  • Battery and generator backup
  • Generator fuel carrier redundancy
  • Secure loading zones for delivery of equipment

You can find more specific information about AWS physical security controls here.

Access control

You choose who to invite to your PracticeHub account and the permissions they have. Our team do not have access to login to your account. On rare occasions, it may be that we can better assist in investigating a problem you are having with PracticeHub if we can access some part of your data in readable form. We would always ask your permission before taking this action and the process requires authorization.

Platform Encryption

PracticeHub uses HTTPS. That means all your data is encrypted when transferring from our servers to your screen (and vice versa) using a 2048-bit SSL certificate.

Backup and availability

Our systems automatically replicate your data across multiple locations in real-time to maximize availability. Data is also constantly backed up to ensure we can restore access to your data and the service in the unlikely event that the data replicas in all locations fail at once. Our monitoring alerts us to any trouble and we have continuity plans in place to quickly resolve unexpected incidents.

Two Factor Authentication

Every user account has the added option of turning on Two Factor Authentication. This is an extra layer of security using a log-in code generated on your phone using Google Authenticator.


If you have any queries or require further information, please contact us.