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Who are we and why have we built PracticeHub?
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Our why

We are a small team of chiropractic patients & advocates who want to bring the life changing benefits of Chiropractic to much more people through the use of technology and software.

This is why we built PracticeHub.

We call PracticeHub, management AND growth software, because our mission is to provide premium software that not only helps manage a practice, but grow through retention and new patient generation tools.

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Not just another practice management system

Disillusioned with the glut of generic practice management software available to Chiropractors with no understanding of what a busy chiropractic clinic actually needs, the idea of PracticeHub was first planted in Jeremy's mind whilst working as a Chiropractic Assistant at his parents clinics over 10 years ago.

"Having used and researched many systems, and seeing the struggle Chiropractors have with automating their systems for retention and growth, I knew something else was desperately needed."

Jeremy McMinn, Founder of PracticeHub

Premium practice management software can make a significant difference to a practice, however is usually not at the top of the priority list. For this reason, we made PracticeHub easy to use, easy to switch to and easy to setup.

We don't tie you into contracts, and PracticeHub requires no setup costs to get up and running. Simply signup for a free trial, run through the setup and onboarding process, and you are ready to go.

Every design and feature decision is made with Chiropractors in mind, whether it will help grow and retain a clinics patient base and if it can help bring chiropractic care to the masses.

From chiropractors who are already established, to those starting out anew, PracticeHub is one of the most powerful practice management platform to help you achieve your goals and to bring more chiropractic care to those who need it.

In a nutshell

  • Chiropractic specific
  • Over 10 years experience running successful chiropractic clinics
  • 7 day a week customer support
  • Built to help chiropractors see more patients

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