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Willow Chiropractic Logo

...PracticeHub is truly the hub of our chiropractic business...

"After using several other softwares and trialing every one I could find, PracticeHub is just so quick and easy - allowing our DCs to spend more valuable time with their patients."

Tivoli Chiropractic logo

Tivoli Chiropractic

"...It''s extremely easy to use due to it''s aesthetics, simple layouts and efficient processes. I love how approachable the support team are and how quickly they get back to you. Thank you for making my life easier running a practice as a chiropractor!"

Naturally Empowered Wellness and Chiropractic logo

Naturally Empowered Wellness and Chiropractic

"...The developers keep expanding the service, it is intuitive to use, the customer service is outstanding and it''s easy to set up and maintain."

Heart Chiropractic Brighton` logo

Heart Chiropractic Brighton`

"...It’s the most intuitive straightforward practice software I’ve ever used. The separation of the front desk and chiropractor systems is smart. Entering notes, tracking data, sending reminders is easy. The program pretty much covers every need I have!"

Sensus Health and Wellness logo

Sensus Health and Wellness

"...PracticeHub is fantastic! Makes my job so much easier.. literally everything is in one place the system itself is very smart. Technical support is always right on hand when needed."

Destiny Chiropractic logo

Destiny Chiropractic

"…It does everything I need it to do. It helps my practice run smoothly and effortlessly. I''m not a systems driven person and PracticeHub does all the systems stuff for me, which lets me get on with what I''m here to do........ help people!"

Health Q Chiropractic logo

Health Q Chiropractic

"...It makes my work life simpler , easier and more practical. Thank you for being online anytime we need your help and assistance."

Chiro-Balance logo


"...It''s easy to use, has a great interface and very clear appearance! All the features work really well and the support is quick and always provides a solution. We really recommend PracticeHub to everyone!"

Vital Kiropraktik logo

Vital Kiropraktik

"...It continually develops and the team behind the software always listen to user requests to find out how to do things better. On top of that the support is incredible - fast, friendly and thorough! Thank you!"

Walker Chiropractic logo

Walker Chiropractic

"... it makes running my practice so much easier, has lots of functionality, allows me to keep in touch with my clients easily, financial reports are a doddle and the customer service support is top notch too!"

Human Health Chiropractic logo

Human Health Chiropractic

"…The layout is clear and easy to use. Careful consideration has been applied in the design to the needs of the CA and the practitioner, making the interactive functionality intelligent and responsive."

Quiropráctica Eixample logo

Quiropráctica Eixample

"...It''s simple and easy to use!!! PracticeHub does the heavy lifting at the front desk which gives my CA´s more time be with patients rather than doing mechanical tasks. The practitioner dashboard is great, taking patient notes has never been quicker and easier. I have recommended it to many chiropractors and will continue to do so."

Life Chiropractisch Gezondheidscentrum logo

Life Chiropractisch Gezondheidscentrum

"...It''s a great program to work with. Everything can be found quickly and many options are possible. We had to choose between PracticeHub and another large system/company, but we are very happy that we chose PracticeHub. The service is very friendly and they respond quickly. So don''t hesitate, just try it!"

Total Balance Wellbeing Centre logo

Total Balance Wellbeing Centre

"...It gets the job done so quickly and the support team are fantastic!"

Wootton Chiropractic Clinic logo

Wootton Chiropractic Clinic

"...My patients love it! it is easy to navigate around, the online system has been a real hit with patients. As a practitioner, using to clinical notes system has been amazing. It has made a big difference to the use of my time. I would highly recommend it to any practice looking to simplify their practice."

Banchory Spinal Health logo

Banchory Spinal Health

"...My patients love it! it is easy to navigate around, the online system has been a real hit with patients. As a practitioner, using to clinical notes system has been amazing. It has made a big difference to the use of my time. I would highly recommend it to any practice looking to simplify their practice."

UMOYA Chiropractic logo

UMOYA Chiropractic

"...I love PracticeHub because of the team''s constant drive for innovation and development, because of their superb customer service and response time with queries, and for the overall high quality product they have created. After over a year of use I have experienced zero downtime preventing me from doing what I love to do. Thank you!"

Avalon Chiropractic logo

Avalon Chiropractic

"…It has flexibility, convenience and allows the practice to run efficiently day to day. We as a team are delighted we started using it."

Rock Chiropractic logo

Rock Chiropractic

"... It''s a well thought out system made for both the practitioners and the admin staff. It is easy to use, has a tidy set up and always improving with the times. Having used many systems in the past, I have found them either to be too clinician focused or admin focused. Here it hits it just right on all aspects. It allows our Centre and staff to be efficient in our day to day running."

Lightbulb Chiropractic logo

Lightbulb Chiropractic

"…It''s so simple to use, great value for money, has superb customer service and it''s a system that''s constantly improving. What''s not to love?!"

The Centre for Positive Health- logo

The Centre for Positive Health-

"...We can do now do so much more than we used to. It is clear, easy to use and any issues we have their support are always on hand to help with. We are always working with them both, to help make PracticeHub work for our practice which is great. We cannot thank them enough for all the hard work they put in to creating a system that works for everyone. Well done."

Blue Sky Chiropractic logo

Blue Sky Chiropractic

"...It’s intuitive to use and is designed with busy chiropractors in mind!"

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