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Track those dropping from care with our powerful, comprehensive recalls. Boost your efficiency through seamless automation.

Custom patient communications

Send automated, multi-lingual, appointment specific, customisable confirmations and reminders. Confirmations are triggered as soon as you book an appointment. Set when you want to remind your patients of their appointments. No need to print any confirmations or reminder cards.


Automate onboarding and retention

Help boost your patient retention by taking advantage of Connect, PracticeHub’s very own automated SMS and email campaign communication feature. Target specific patients using multiple different filters. Set campaigns and leave them to run until further notice, consistently delivering your campaign to those patients that fall in to the filters.


Streamline patient flow

Allow your patients to checkin to the clinic without needing to notify the front desk - a perfect way to scale your practice to higher volumes.


Automatic syncing and reconciliation with integrations

Sync your patient data automatically to your facvourite CRM or reconcile your membersip payments with our comprehensive patient membership solution.


And so much more...

Designed to save time on low value tasks, automate growth and provide you peace of mind.
Cloud based
Access PracticeHub wherever and whenever with any device connected to the internet. No need for complicated remote desktop solutions.
You and your team can access the platform from single or multiple clinics providing important information to everyone who needs it in real-time.
Select a per-patient language preference in up to 9 different languages to allow you to better communicate with your patients.
Secure and robust
The security of your data is core to everything we build. User access control, automatic backups, monitoring and enterprise grade encryption ensures peace of mind.
World class support
We offer friendly and knowledgeable insight & answers to your questions and queries via live chat, email and a fully comprehensive support centre.
Ongoing updates
A cloud based platform means regular updates, quick bug fixes and frequent communication through our in-app notifications.

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