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Your patient’s financial data – clear, concise and super simple to manage

Account Management

Clean and simple patients’ finances work to increase your efficiency – apply payments or credits to file, add membership plans and prepaid packages all from a clear and crisp user interface.



With our super useful pre-paid packages feature managing a patient’s packages has never been easier. Create customisable pre-paid packages to apply to a patient. These packages are then automatically used when a patient visits. A running balance and visit total are shown to allow you to see at a glance the finer details of their package.


Automatic Backups

No need to print and store invoices – All financial data is stored in your database and backed up daily. Customise your invoices to contain the information you need and download or email invoices individually or in bulk at the click of a button. Issue invoices to patients in their personal language preference.


Simplified Payment

Take instant payments via Stripe integration – Card numbers can be securely stored on patient’s files meaning you can take payment directly from the processing window in seconds. Alternatively, create your own payment methods to appear when processing appointments, all of which appear within your reports.


And so much more...

Designed to save time on low value tasks, automate growth and provide you peace of mind.
Cloud based
Access PracticeHub wherever and whenever with any device connected to the internet. No need for complicated remote desktop solutions.
You and your team can access the platform from single or multiple clinics providing important information to everyone who needs it in real-time.
Select a per-patient language preference in up to 9 different languages to allow you to better communicate with your patients.
Secure and robust
The security of your data is core to everything we build. User access control, automatic backups, monitoring and enterprise grade encryption ensures peace of mind.
World class support
We offer friendly and knowledgeable insight & answers to your questions and queries via live chat, email and a fully comprehensive support centre.
Ongoing updates
A cloud based platform means regular updates, quick bug fixes and frequent communication through our in-app notifications.

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